Go RAW – Use Vegan Protein Powder

Vegan protein powder is a dietary supplement utilized by many athletes and workout enthusiasts especially after workouts. Vegan protein food is great for athletic recovery and the aiding of muscle repair after workouts. One important place to begin the search for a good supplement is to make sure you are getting a “raw” supplement.

Going raw does not mean eating totally uncooked, unprepared, and literally raw ingredients. Veg-protein powder is processed. Processing is very important because began protein food is processed at much lower temperatures than other protein supplements such as soy or whey protein. It should be noted that soy and whey proteins are neither raw or vegan. Check the ingredients.

Veg-protein powder can be produced from three different sources of proteins. The three proteins are: hemp protein, brown rice protein, and yellow pea protein. These proteins are raw and are now produced by complicated processing methods and additives. They are truly raw supplements and vegan to the core. Each of these specific vegan protein foods has different tastes so you will want to try them all. Find the taste that is right for you.

Why would you want to switch from soy and whey protein to vegan protein food? Just about all soy protein products contain soy protein isolates. Soy protein isolates are known carcinogens. The isolates develop during high temperature processing combined with the mixture of caustic chemicals to produce the products. When you are looking for the healthiest products to put into your body, choosing the purer veg-protein powder is a common sense choice.

Veg-protein powder is extremely easy to digest. Digestion efficiency has been ranked as high as 98.2%. The faster the assimilation into the system the better and more complete digestion will occur and muscle repair takes place even quicker.

Some of the possible advantages that can be obtained by using veg-protein powder are weight loss/control; lowering cholesterol, and diabetes control. Weight loss and weight control is a major consideration for anyone eating healthier. High cholesterol is a leading cause of heart disease and heart attacks. Natural products that can reduce bad cholesterol are a great alternative to drugs in some cases. Finally, there are some clinical studies being conducted currently to study the effect that vegan protein foods have on diabetes. The way veg-protein powder can help maintain the affects of sugars may lead to aids in diabetic control.

You do not have to be a major athlete or even a committed workout maniac to use vegan protein food. If you are working out hard, you should consider going raw and staying way from other possibly harmful protein products. Dieters can benefit from adding veg-protein powder to their healthy diets to speed up weight loss. Anything that aids in weight loss that is natural and healthy has to be seen as a plus. If you have more serious concerns such as high cholesterol, or diabetes, take a look a veg-protein powder – not as a cure – but as an aid to help control your condition.